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Five Ways to Teach Your Students Empathy

In my classroom, the single most important thing I can teach my students is empathy. If my students are able to understand the thoughts, feelings, and needs of others, they will be able to interact in a selfless manner. This will also help them to avoid physical and unpleasant conflict. Here are 5 ways to teach your students empathy.

22 Powerful Closure Activities

Closure ends a lesson and creates a lasting impression, so make it fun. Students will better retain information reinforced with music, movement, art, or play.

Teach Using the Lived Experiences of Your Students

While planning this summer, ask yourself, what does a classroom that promotes students' lived experiences look like?

"I Don't Know" is a "Do Not!" Bulletin Board It is important that students realize that "I don't know" is not an option, and that making mistakes is part of the learning process.

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