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Think you know it all when it comes to Disney? Heres 50 things you didnt know about the Disney theme parks.

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Yes, I did know this. Pixar even hired the same kid (well, adult now) to do the voice in TS3.

Pixar even hired the same kid (well, adult now) to do the voice in Toy Story 3

Now you know.

Rapunzel's hair is definitely the best. It's 70 feet long, for crying out loud! And throughout the whole movie, through being swung on and used as a weapon, it stays in that beautiful golden hue and in wonderful condition I want her hair

Many of the drawings in Ellie`s Adventure Book were drawn by director pete Docter`s daughter. Up~

Cute Disney Facts

Disney Fun Fact No. The voice used for the beast from Beauty and the Beast was altered with sounds of actual panthers and lions.well yeah, have you heard his roar?

Nerdy Facts: 928

"And gave him a picasso painting." Most random form of payment EVER. Go disney. <- See "Harpo does something funny" for more.

Disney Fact #49

Disney Fun Fact: The asphalt in Disneyland is actually a mixture of asphalt and rubber, making it more comfortable for guests to walk on. How considerate!