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How straight or bendy are the roads?

Using OpenStreetMap data, I was able to see how bendy or straight the roads are all over the world

"Grocery Store Geography" | where grocery stores are located in America | click link & read article for more in-depth info ... http://flowingdata.com/2013/06/26/grocery-store-geography/

From a data visualization site, which combines the story of data with the art of visual interpretation: Where the grocery stores are on FlowingData

patrick_mouse_path.jpg (600×375)

patrick_mouse_path.jpg (600×375)

The big picture - MSc thesis by densitydesign

The big picture - MSc thesis by densitydesign

Ураганы во Флориде с 1916 по 2016

100 years of hurricanes in Florida, visualized

Florida has withstood more direct hurricane strikes than any other state, and is often grazed by storms that end up making landfall elsewhere.


Ben Fry Visualizes the Evolution of Darwin’s Ideas

270ec365bf29e0e408a1421a3aebeee1.jpg 553×3,635 pixels

word distribution across multiple texts. words are lemmatised, every stripe within each lemma shape represents one text in which it appears

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.08.04 PM

Graduate Snapshot: Information Design and Visualization

This is every active satellite orbiting earth || Excellent visualization of the first international database of satellites in orbit.

Interactive graphic: See every satellite orbiting earth

In this infographic, active satellites orbiting Earth are displayed by origin, weight, and height.

Data Visualisation

Voronoi + Maps: A map centred on the Peak District where very few supermarkets marked. Many are marked Manchester, Huddersfield and Sheffield which surround.

An introduction to Voronoi diagrams and how they can be useful when combined with maps