500 FOLLOWER FREEBIE !!!!Thank you 500 Followers !!!!This set is just right for using throughout the year for your calendar activities or perhaps your monthly newsletter!This clip art set includes 24 images. There are 12 vibrant coloured images and 112 black and white images.Borders are all white inside !This set includes:January ...

FREE Weather Clip Art Freebie from Mrs. M's Room on TeachersNotebook.com - (1 page) - 18 free weather clip art images

Make this year one to remember ...A year of picture taking and making memories of you, your family, friends and the students in your class!Capture moments of happiness, learning, success and growth !Know you have what it takes and make it happen!I am excited to share this set with you and encourage you to SMILE !This clip art set includes 41 images.

Celebrating 200+ Products with a Stubby Pencil FREEBIE !!!*******************************This clip art set includes 20 images. There are 19 vibrant coloured images and 1 black and white image.If you like this set I'd love to have your feedback for my shop.

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