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If anybody needs to talk, if anybody needs to rant or vent, if anybody needs advice or tips or help of any kind whatsoever, I'm always here for you. I'm on Pinterest constantly, obsessively. Even on my busiest days, I look at it at least once or twice a day. My phone's on silent when I'm asleep so you can message me day or night 24/7 and when I see the message, I'll respond.

Hug for everyone crying behind their screen. Unfortunately, I can't fly to your house and break your window to do it myself, so I'll do it virtually!i hope i can fly to ur place

Why'd you only call me when you're high? >>> he could be calling up to listen to the voice of reason and got the answering machine ;D

Why do you only call me when you're high? my ex noah was always like this freaking 16 weed smoker high lying cheating no calling bastard!

Oh how I wish I had a phone this pretty when I was in High School and was on the phone for hours.

It would be cool to have this phone in my house one day. I like these phones and I especially love this mint color of this one.

Keys, phones, and glasses are always ending up scattered on the kitchen counter. This cute “butler” system seems like the perfect gift to help keep the man in your life tidy!

21 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men

The Butler Wooden Docking Station Iphone 5 And Samsung Galaxy Gadget Wall Nounted Unit A Neat Front Slot Wallet Keys Glasses House Oak Material Natural Color Home Furniture Gadget Acessories Cool Wood iPhone And Android Docking Station Furniture

This Dog’s Final Day Proves: We Should Live Every Day Like It’s Our Last. Well this made me cry!

This Dog’s Final Day Proves: We Should Live Every Day Like It’s Our Last

Every dog deserves to love every day like this. I am bawling.~~ this is kinda what we did when my dog got a tumor which is why I'm crying really really hard: Dogs, Sweet, Pet, Dog S Final, Eye

Tony looks like he passed out while he was surfing the web on his phone, Steve is always flying the Nation's colors, Bruce just wants to be left alone, Thor has a reputation to uphold, Clint is curled up in his Hawknest, Nat is always prepared, Loki is cuddling with the Glowstick of Destiny, and Coulson is having happy fanboy dreams about Captain America.

Super Cute "Avengers" Fan Art

Super Cute "Avengers" Fan Art--->I like that Thor's hair is in curlers, that Banner is hiding under the covers, and the Agent Coulson has captain America everything!

Strawberry Pop-tart Pie Recipe

Strawberry Pop-tart Pie w/ Fruit Loop Crust

Strawberry Pop-tart Pie Recipe

At Hair Plus when Donna wasn't there. I will NEVER forget that moment. Crystal I will always be in love with you

Falling in love quote > unexpected feelings. Beautiful truth - "I remember the first day I ever looked into your eyes and felt my entire world flip".