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I am in love with this crochet amigurumi doorstop! Stashbust and Add Color to Your Home - How to Crochet - Blogs - Crochet Me

Stashbust and Add Color to Your Home

It's Time For A GIF Party, People!

It's Time For A GIF Party, People!

Sleepy Kitten Tries to Stay Awake. Here's your cute video for the day! An adorable kitten tries his best so stay awake, but it's just so hard.

Sweet napping kitties - just looking at this makes me sleepy! :)

She's The Fluffiest Princess Ever

Seriously.  Best song ever.  Tried it out on the nephews, they loved it!!  Those Big Bang Theory writers are awesome.

Sing it.

Big Bang Theory Soft kitty Warm kitty Little ball of fur Happy kitty Sleepy kitty purr, purr, purr

I would so very much love to have one of these kittens...so very much...

18 Reason Why Cats Talking To You So Much - MEOW

exotic shorthair this is one of the cutest Kitty I have ever seen. and so different!

Sleepy Kitty pattern                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Create the perfect companion for your little one and sew a cute cat, complete with sleeping bag. Why not add a personal touch to your sleepy kitty by Cheryl Owen and sew her ruff and tutu in the recipient’s favourite colou

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Tuxedo Cat Names Perfect Choice

Cat tuxedo have not come from with any kind of specific type of breed, yet are a pattern of shade you could see in lots of feline types. Also blended type cats have tuxedos. This is found in long-haired along with short-haired felines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat – Tutorial

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat – Students could use this as an oral language activity with a partner. Give the instructions of how to draw the animal, without identifying it. Can the other student guess the animal from the instructions given.