Braces during the apocalypse

Braces during the apocalypse

A mini Aphrodite would be nice to have.

A mini Aphrodite would be nice to have.

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Sounds a tad difficult to base an entire story off of, but I could totally see it as a super neat plot point in a story.

Aphrodite headcanons

herpowerisherown: “hush-lullabye: “So a Greek mythology headcanon where Aphrodite can appear either male or female, and she looks like a really fucking sexy guy to gay dudes because that’s who they.

Modern day Hades and Persephone.  #textprompt

Modern day Hades and Persephone. Write from persephones perspective as she realizes the crazy family she just walked into. How it’s basically a reality show waiting to happen and how her and hades are the only normal ones.

I like Persephone in this, but rick riordan portrays her so differently in Percy Jackson chronicles

*whispers* I know who should write this..... *SCREAMS* UNCKLE RICK, PLEASE, GET IVER HERE!!!!

And a seamstress that your pretty sure is Hera in disguise// and some random chick surrounded by owls, you're pretty sure it's Athena, but you're too terrified to ask

Can someone PLEASE send this to Uncle Rick! Would love to see this worked into the books some how!

Goddammit Zeus Oh my god, this is so much better coz I'm learning about Greek mythology in school right now lol!