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Friday 13th ha ha

happy friday the TGIF, Jason.

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Luke skywalker, drama queen of the galaxy

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Friday the Jason Voorhees "Homicider" Crystal Lake Brewing Company.

I'm not a rabid Bieber hater but it sure would have been funny if he slipped in his own vomit while he was performing.

29 Reasons Why Music Is Doomed

Time to do some math...

Poor John, stop eating candy bars. Also, How I view math problems.

So me!

So me!


I will remember that for Friday the

@Megan Foote you didn't mention this little tidbit about you!! Interesting.....

Gingers: stealing souls since BC.hmm i wonder

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Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch on Friday the


"username or password incorrect" Well at least tell me which one it is.