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Sun bears have extremely long tongues, between 20 - 25 cm long (7.9 - 9.8 inches), which helps them to capture and devour termites, ants, insect larvae and bees. But this bear's favourite food? Honey. Sun bears use their long tongues to lick up honey from bee nests. Their Winnie-the-Pooh style appetite has earned them the nickname "honey bear". (Photo via Vladimir Wrangel)

One of the smallest of the bear species the Malayan sun bear stands at tall and is named for its chest patch. Their exceptionally long tongues are used to capture bees and insects from inside their nests.

Brown bear cub gets its mother in a muzzle-lock. Photo by Michael Pollack. 2012 National Wildlife Photo Contest entry, Baby Animals category.

Brown bear cub gets its mother in a muzzle-lock. Photo by Michael Pollack

clouds that look like angels | Incredible cloud formations | Pictures | Pics | Express.co.uk

Incredible cloud formations

Cloud which looks exactly like Winnie the Pooh spotted at children's charity event

Everland Pola bear loves Water melon

Annually, Everland(South korea's largest theme park & zoo) had held a press event about "What's up!

Gurung tribespeople perched precariously on rope ladders, honey hunters risk their lives to gather the honey, using only long sticks known as tangos to knock the honeycomb off the Himalayan cliffside and into baskets, which are then lowered to the ground.

Striking Photographs of the Ancient Tradition of Honey Hunting in Nepal

Gorgeous photo essay on Nepalese honey collectors by Andrew Newey (via Raw File)

Koala Bear Pics Hd Wallpapers

Did you know koalas sleep 20 hours a day? Learn more interesting koala facts at Animal Fact Guide!

Title: Winnie The Pooh II Collection: Disney Collection Painted: 2013 Published: 2013 Style: Narrative Panorama Artist: Thomas Kinkade

Winnie The Pooh II

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He's waiting for Winnie the Pooh to come on.

lovely idea - kids watching TV with their favorite stuffed friend!-) reminds me of Kaylee and get puppy.

Sarolta Bán is a 27 year old self-taught photographer/photo manipulator from Budapest, Hungary

artistic surreal photomanipulation by sarolta ban 25 in Amazing Surreal Photo manipulation by Sarolta Ban