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ride a dolphin.

iv'e swam with a dolphin in the middle of the ocean not sea world but i want to ride one


Bucket list: jump into a pool full of Jello! I dreamt once I went to a jello pool party and everyone dressed up like a piece of fruit.

Cuz right now I don't have one and it hurts

Best Friend Quotes

I have 4 ladies in my life that will never let me down. My best friend, my bestie, my bff and my love!

Bucket list! Check another off my list. PMA

Bucket List Item- Stand in all four states at the Four Corners! I want to stand in the four corners so I can be in four states at once😉

Before I die, I want to ...

Summer 2014 was the best summer of my life, I got to spend it with my best friends and made unforgettable memories! I miss summer soooooo much!

i have to, almost all my passwords are similar

WHY is this considered a "bucket list" item? Don't they know that some passwords are required to be changed after 90 days? Seriously, this one is just moronic, and I've seen some dumb ones!