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Brilliant Color, Splendid Pink Shah Kunzite. Great Cut and Shape. Emerald Cut. 23.75 ct. Large Size, Perfect! Inclusions visible only under the lens.

Jacqueline Kennedy's Pink Kunzite Ring - President John F. Kennedy purchased an 18 karat gold ring set w/ a pale pink Kunzite stone encircled by diamonds in the fall of 1963, intending it to be a Christmas gift for Jackie. Tragically, he was assassinated before he was able to give it to her, but she understandably treasured this last gift from her late husband & wore it throughout the rest of her life - repro at John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum's Online Store.

24.11 CTS CERTIFIED NATURAL PINK KUNZITE (SPODUMENE) [SPK13] As a variety of spodumen, kunzite belongs to the class of the chain silicates. It has minute traces of manganese to thank for its fine lilac colour. However, the colour can fade in direct sunlight.

Romantic Pink Kunzite 925 Silver Plated Pendant ►► http://www.gemstoneslist.com/jewelry/kunzite-pendants.html?i=p

Kunzite, conch pearl, gem-set, and diamond peacock brooch/pendant. The center kunzite is 46.10; the body is set with 8.40 carats of pear-shaped and circular-cut tsavorite garnets, sapphires, and pink sapphires; as well as 1.20 carats of diamonds. The brooch dangles a conch pearl, and the peacock's eye is a spinel. The gems are set in blackened gold. Via Diamonds in the Library.

Pink Kunzite and Pink Tourmaline set pin with detachable drop down pendant loop. The front scroll work accented by alternating Diamonds and Pearls, c. 1900

Luxurious purple pink kunzite earrings set in 18K white gold with white diamond micro pave accenting in a chain link mounting.

70.46: Weight, in carats, of the bangle’s cushion-cut kunzite; also included are 3.57 carats of conch pearls and 42.46 carats of diamonds and pink sapphires.

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