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He will always be perfect for me! I want that perfect guy back. I want to show him that I've changed.

Marriage Advice From Bob Marley - BRONZE BUDGET BRIDE - [im not getting married but this is also good for women in relationships]

What’s Stopping You From Meeting Mr. Right?

A guy in love with a girl. If a girl really wants to know how a guy feels when he is in love.the God's honest truth.at least for the good guys it is. Don't let the heart that didn't love you, keep you from the one that will.

Anthony Bourdain. Love this.

15 Inspiring Quotes That Will Make You Want To Travel The World (Part III)

What if you are :) Someday I WILL do this.I WILL travel the world and sleep on floors and in fields and barns. I WILL learn how others live. I WILL eat and drink and dance and have FUN!

It was my birthday just over a week ago, and so Mr. Scrummy and I decided to go out for a meal to celebrate. Having just moved into the city, we weren’t too sure where to go so we took a little advice and booked ourselves into a place with a pretty good reputation for …

Smoked fish risotto with bacon & a poached egg

Packing advice: includes a list of what NOT to do; author packed for a six month trip in one medium suitcase, small backpack & a messenger bag.

Mr and Mrs Globe Trot: What's In My Suitcase?includes a list of what NOT to do-She packed for a six month trip in one medium suitcase, small backpack & a messenger bag. Some good ideas

Train Your Mind | Runner's World

Train Your Mind

Running takes mental toughness like no other. "If you train your mind for running, everything else will be easy." - Amby Burfoot seriously running changed my life!