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105. Alexander Boshkov works primarily in Sterling Silver. Felt. His jewelry is a unique mixture of influences reflecting his work as a restorer of Thracian Treasures in Bulgaria, modern art and nature. He also makes props for films, theater production and opera companies around the world.

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner 3 Cups water, heated in microwave for 3 minutes on high. 2 Tbsp baking soda 2 Tbsp salt 2 Tbsp dish soap Aluminum foil Casserole dish Line dish with foil and lay jewelry inside Mix all ingredients together into hot water and pour mixture over jewelry Let it sit 10 minutes Rinse jewelry and dry gently, yet thoroughly, with a soft towel, that's it, easy peasy! This worked beautifully on my gold, silver, diamond, gem, and pearl jewelry.

Coco Chanel and Serge Lifar, 1937. She is wearing a casual mixture of real and costume jewelry.

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Essential Oil Deals & Finds {diffusers, cases, rollerballs, bottles, jars and more essential oil accessories

isn’t this beautiful?!! it’s a stainless steel and lava stone diffuser necklace. And it’s only $15.99! Simply add one drop of essential oil or layer with several oils. The scent will last several hours up to a few days depending on the strength and quality of your oil. Your choice of 16″, 18″, or 20″ stainless steel chain.

In a glass container, mix 3 Tablespoons of vinegar and 3 teaspoons of saltThen add your copper pendant to the mixture in the bowl, and let it soak for at least 30 minutes: Remove your pendant from the bowl and lay it out on a folded paper towel. Don’t dry it off or blot away the moisture. It needs to air-dry naturally Check on your pendant after an hour or so. You should have some color developing:You can sprinkle a small amount of salt on your pendant to help speed things along.

Larimar a.k.a. Blue Pectolite, is very rare and is only found in the Dominican Republic. This mineral is a mixture of beautiful Caribbean Copper Blue-Green colors. Occasionally Hematite Dendrites, Calcite and Natrolite inclusions occur. This sought after stone is a relatively new discovery.