Explore Raspberries, Cute Hamster Names, and more!

For those having a hard day, here is a hamster enjoying raspberries. It's so cute & tiny!

rats are good pets I have one named Gus and he's so good they're really friendly and people need to my judge rats by their looks they should meet their personality

"I have heard so many positive things about pet rats. They are incredibly intelligent, tame and very lovable." I love pet rats

Holy cute animal porn

So you like pandas...

It's okay cute owl we love you!

Funny pictures about Sad little owl. Oh, and cool pics about Sad little owl. Also, Sad little owl.


Lifeisgood - 20 hedgehogs who will make your day better - Home Thumbnail With Horizontal Story <--- Thanks Jawn!

A hamster in a hamster ball.

How to Train Your Hamster to Sleep at Night

Hamsters are naturally nocturnal, meaning they like to sleep during the daytime and stay awake during the night. Bringing a hamster into your home can.

Top 10 Great Pet Care Items                              …

Top 10 Great Pet Care Items

What happens to the cupcake in your hand when you hear someone walking into the breakroom at work...anyone else?  :)

Aww this poor squirrel! So cute! The chipmunk probably stuffed another peanut in its other cheek. There are worse things than a free lunch.

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"escaped" hamster found in the popcorn bowl.I feel the same way about it!

why i am going to nursing school.... well not to nurse koalas... but babies

Baby Koalas

Amazing story about baby koala's life in pictures.I need pet Koala babies

I really want one of these little guys!!

Monday Morning Randomness

It's Nicki Minaj!

Funny pictures about Hamster Minaj . Oh, and cool pics about Hamster Minaj . Also, Hamster Minaj photos.