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Uptown Funk Line Dance love the guy in the blue

Uptown Funk Line Dance choreographed by Wendy Stephens. Performed by Movers and Shakers Line Dance Group from The Villages, FL on January Song: Upto.

Happy Hips Yoga Sequence. I do this every morning. Really helps with my runs!

You'll Want to Unroll Your Mat For This Happy Hips Yoga Sequence

Happy Hips Yoga Sequence - Runners and the deskbound rejoice! Your tight hips will soon feel more open and relaxed. Just step onto your yoga mat or even the floor next to your computer and move through this hip-opening sequence.

10 Yoga Exercises For Slimming Your Face:you really can’t understand when they say cute face to a 25 year old lady.

Yogi's Journal

6 Yoga Breathing Techniques For Weight Loss :- Weight loss is the new rage throughout the world. In all this madness yoga breathing exercises provide an inexpensive and long term solution .

Think you're too old to start yoga? Think again. Whether you practice yoga or not, you'll definitely be inspired by these six incredible yogis over the age of 90!

6 Inspirational Yogis in Their 90s

Yoga granny: Bette Calman, Amazing lady and a yoga instructor. You're never too old.

5 Effective Yoga Asanas For Periods : Let us take a look at how the age-old yoga asanas can help us with our problems.

5 Yoga Poses That Will Cure Irregular Periods and Menstrual Pain

I can live with my arthritis and my dentures fit just fine.  I can see with my bifocals but oh, how I miss my mind!

How can human bodies do that? Here are some pictures of people bending themselves in ways you didn't think physically . View Pictures of Creepily Flexible People" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Drop that a** to tha floor, you scared, you scared!

Jab that uses your own cells to ease sore knees

Age: AGE is mind over matter. if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter. Staying: Falling in love is EASY, but .

Move over man caves, she sheds are here and ready to steal your crown for the most unnecessarily gendered room of the house. The new decorating trend has woman taking over the dirty old sheds in their backyard and transforming them into a Pinterest perfect paradise. They're the ideal location for ladies to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main house and relax in a small box that lacks electricity and air conditioning. Man caves get flat screens and mini fridges, she sheds get p...

She Sheds Are A Thing, And We Had To Check Them Out

old lady who swallowed a pie story props - click pic to open 3-page PDF

old lady who swallowed a pie story props - click pic to open PDF…Thanksgiving theme