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The Coolest Palm Springs City Guide — Local Wanderer A visit to #Thatpinkdoor is a Palm Springs classic - I mean, any house that has it's own Instagram hashtag must be, right? If you're looking for That Pink Door's address or location, you can find her at 1100 East Sierra Way in South Palm Springs (not too far from The Ace Hotel).

The Coolest Palm Springs City Guide

There's A Prada Store In The Middle Of The Texas Desert #Prada #Fashion #Texas

This Prada Store Is Located In The Middle Of Nowhere

The Prada Marfa store located in the middle of the Texas desert is an art installation that doesn't actually sell Prada items, but rather displays them.

This work is from the artist's "Prada Marfa" series. In Gray Malin's own words, "Marfa, a famous arts town located in West Texas, is home to many intriguing artistic endeavors; most notably a Prada.