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Jessica Biel hair – honey brown, long with layers and subtle higlighting to frame and brighten her face

Sabrina Cotton Throw Pillow

Beach pillow. Take me to the beach, waves at my feet, sand in my toes, wind in my hair, sun on my face. / Llévame a la playa, olas en mis pies, arena en mis dedos, viento en mi pelo, sol en mi cara.

Tumblr Redefined Society vs. Beauty for Me

This little girl was born with so many problems in every area of her face and has soooo many insecurties and problems. This is one of her only pic she has taken without makeup or her bangs down to cover her forhead. We need to always remember everyone that some of the most beautiful people alive we don't realize just looking at... God bless to all with these problems and keep her happy.

Best Top 8 Books on Saving Your Marriage

Fighting for Your Marriage: The Classic Best-seller for Enhancing Marriage and Preventing Divorce - The book reveals what it takes to have a more intimate, sensual relationship. It guides couples through how to handle conflict more constructively, how to clarify and act on priorities, how to protect their happiness, deepen and protect their friendship, keep the fun alive, and reduce the odds of breaking up.