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Explore Connects Multiplication, Solve Division and more!

Teach students how to use Near Facts to solve division problems. This method connects multiplication to division and is the person launch for a di...

Differentiated Multi-step Math Word Problems with Graphic Organizer (Bundle)

36 Weeks of Differentiated Multi-Step Math Word Problems with Graphic Organizer to support students in solving and explaining problems. Aligned to Common Core Standards. Perfect for 4th or 5th Grade! Save by buying a bundle instead of purchasing each set separately.

These 3 challenging Halloween-themed math puzzlers are sure to be a hit with your students! Students will need to think flexibly about numbers and their relationships in order to solve these logic problems. Answer keys are included as well! I hope you enjoy using these free puzzles in your classroom!

Multiplication: Area Model Puzzlers, 3-Digit by 1-Digit

The area model helps students visualize multi-digit multiplication. Students will practice problem solving skills right along with their multiplication with this challenging workstation activity.Includes 16 cards showing partially completed area models for 3-digit by 1-digit multiplication.

Word Problem Detective

Word Problem Task Cards FREEBIE - These longer story problems require students to read carefully to find the information they need. Two levels included!

{FREEBIE} Teach, practice, and assess students' understanding of reading comprehension vocabulary (to infer, make predictions, visualize, analyze, critique, make connections, synthesize, and summarize). Happy Valentine's Day!!

How important is computational fluency anyway? If students are fluent in basic computational skills, they are free to focus on other important parts of a problem! Everything you need to assess and track your student's computational fluency is here!

Missing Addends {Written Equations & Word Problems, Grades 1-2}

Sample student page from "MISSING ADDENDS {WRITTEN EQUATIONS & WORD PROBLEMS, GRADES 1-2}" - (21 pages, $)