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Some children seem to be naturally compliant, while others fight every issue. Jenny Hale explains what motivates your strong-willed child and how to make the most of their strength and potential.

I disagree with the religious standpoint but love a lot of this blogger's ideas. "Start using the word “beautiful” to mean more than physically attractive. Say, “that was a beautiful thing to do,” when she acts kindly.” Help her expand her idea of beauty from what our culture says it is (sexually attractive) to include: virtuous, feminine, courageous, self-sacrificial, loving."

10 Ways to Nurture Positive Body Image for Your Daughter. is all about modelling a positive body image in front of her. An obvious one, but so important.

Aparición de dentición decidua y permanente (infografía) | Futuros Fonoaudiólogos

Aparición de dentición decidua y permanente (infografía)

baby tooth arrival chart for the parents out there knee deep in teething

Bedtime Delays. Does your child come up with a million reason NOT to go to bed? Discover some tips and tricks to help your child go to bed with less of a fight. @projectsensory

Just Go to Bed! Deciphering Legitimate Needs from Stall Tactics

Does your child delay bedtime? Find out about some underlying needs that all children have that just might be the key to solving your bedtime woes.

Parenting. How you say it can make a big difference

YOU model the behavior you want to see. Teach the kids to have a happy home! Practice with the extra time you have during family vacations - bond with the kids.

Play is Learning

"I am Let Me Play"--- same with 2 year olds and younger. Play is so important to development and learning.

10 Letters You Should Write Before Your Child Turns 10

4 Things Kids Can Do on Their Own

10 Things to do Before Your Child Turns 10 Lists, most of these are really good ideas. I've gotta bet busy for Jason, since he turns 10 in a few days.

The Educators' Spin On It: Raising a Strong Willed Child

8 Tips for Parenting Your Strong Willed Child

And while no one will argue that motherhood is very often exhausting and stretching in every way, the reality of the cranky mom syndrome is ...

Idols Of A Mom's Heart

If we have hurts and habits that we have not dealt with, those can manifest in anger. Here's some encouragement and 4 steps to tame red-faced mama anger.