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25 Inspiring Relationship Quotes

25 Inspiring Relationship Quotes #Relationship Quotes #Sayings

“Ponderize” one scripture every week by following two steps: •Select a verse and place it where you will see it each day. •Reflect on the verse several times a day, pondering its meaning and key phrases. The goal isn't to memorize the scripture but to write it's message on our heart and mind. As we do this, we create a sanctuary where our thoughts can go—a place where the Spirit dwells. “When our minds are filled with uplifting thoughts and images... there is no room left for filth and…

wow! I'm all of it and I will come out of this and be thankful for I will know where I'm going will be the right place

... El mejor maestro es el que te muestra dónde buscar, pero te dice qué ver.

No es que estés solo, lo que pasa es que has llegado a un lugar donde los otros aún no te han alcanzado. - Jodorovsky

Where I used to be was not pretty but thank God I'm no longer there. Keep the faith to press forward to your future