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Fennec fox is a small fox with large ears living in Sahara Desert. Fennec foxes are smaller than domestic cats, they grow up to 16 in.

Tiny fennec foxes

Two young Fennec foxes play around in an incubator at the zoological garden in Lodz, Poland, on June The foxes -- born exactly a month ago -- were abandoned by their mother, and are now being raised and bottle-fed by the zoo's keepers

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Now how am I supposed to eat? ~ Poor little dog can't eat bkz the cat is sleeping on the dog's food in the bowl!

Another world and universe citizen... — beautiful-wildlife: Curled by © maxwaughphoto

Another world and universe citizen. — beautiful-wildlife: Curled by © maxwaughphoto

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oliver and Arashi

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If you don't recognize this before you get a pet, you really shouldn't get one at all.

And she did.

Oh, now this isnt funny- I hate this phase of puppies~ then they give you that cute puppy dog face.

Puppy hot tub.

Puppy hot tub.

pomeranian puppy dog taking bath in the sink dog bath.koda would never ever lay like that and chill in the tub

Le renard à vu un fromage derrière la vitre.

Firefox has encountered an issue with Windows. this caption made me laugh so hard!