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41 Sentence Quotes That Will Leave You Speechless #Quotes #Inspirational Quotes

41 Sentence Quotes That Will Leave You Speechless

"Regardless of how anyone else feels about me, I am going to choose to be happy and completely love myself today."

Love your inner self the one you don't show anyone ,the one I want to face one day with long beard 3 kids ,wrinkles and simple as hell show me that person please

It's stepping off the edge of a cliff sometimes and your left grasping at air.

Bukowski pushing a shopping cart through a parking lot with style and aplomb

sonofbukowski: ““And don’t forget, time is meant to be wasted, love fails and death is useless.


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"Find what you love and let it kill you." Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski- Love this quote! Not in agreement with the cigarette or alcohol being the thing that kills you, but I love the overall meaning behind the quote.

I wish and pray you could just remember how we were in the beginning...I am forever regretful and sorry for having ever not given you the attention you deserved the entire time. I'm sorry I got selfish. Its my mistake and something I have to live with foe the resr of my life knowing that is how I lost you :"(

I saw how you looked at me.why are you dyning it? It breaks my heart knowing I'm not get another chance.

Kiss me

“Kiss me like you’re losing me.” - six word story // - Love Quotes

always, be, and forever afbeelding

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Asshole - 2011, or 2012, or 2013 would have been nice to know you never loved me. Jerk!!!!!

Since you're not telling me, i'm just letting go. I love you but for my own sake I need to let you go.

Let it kill you

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So many goals. And still a dopey, whore-clown-loser. I'm in ur cheering section.