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sherlock plucks violin

Sherlock: ACD’s “A Study in Scarlet” vs. BBC’s “A Study in Pink”

He means thank you.

Sherlock Holmes, 12 year old consulting detective and his mother John Watson.

I think I just became pregnant. - Imgur

you can't get too much of this gif. Literally one of the sexiest things and it's a man in a scarf. OH lord save me

Ben and martin

Funny pictures about An adorable picture. Oh, and cool pics about An adorable picture. Also, An adorable picture.

BAFTA-LA (November 7, 2014) ~ At "Behind Closed Doors with Benedict Cumberbatch" interview event, his funny comments about being cast in major films WAR HORSE, TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY and in the National Theatre's production of FRANKENSTEIN by directors who hadn't seen him in SHERLOCK.

Ben Cucumberbatch on

So adorable…

The second picture cracks me up. This is the face I want to make at of the people I come into contact with.

sherlocklighterside: This will never not be funny heartatwork: I still laugh

Every Sherlock fan needs this gif on their board XD <------it froze just as he was saying greg and i can't stop laughing

It say " I don't understand'(front) " I still don't understand"(back)

He has the shirt. He has it and he's wearing it. I want that shirt. That one that he's wearing. not one like it, I want the one he is wearing right now.

That Face...

The Face. I love the Face. I appreciate the Face. I will marry that Face someday.