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Out To Pasture - Homesteading as a Retirement Plan

Creating a Chicken Habitat with Tips from Jungle Fowl -

How would chickens live if they had their druthers? We can find out by looking at the habits and habitat of their wild relatives, the jungle fowl. That fascinating information is reviewed, and used to guide suggestions on how best to provide your chickens with the opportunity to express their natural behaviors. Plus tips on how to make the most of a small space.

Planning Your Homestead

Planning Your Homestead | Survival at Home: "Just like any other major decision in your life, planning your homestead should be a major priority for you. It’s ok to dream, as long as those dreams are realistic. Make a list of what you want, then figure out what you can do first. Research everything!" | #prepbloggers #homestead #planning

How much land do I need for

Click to learn more! Starting a hobby farm: pasture management for different animals and how to calculate what you (think) need!

How to Raise Pastured Pigs Without Buying Feed

When done right, you can reduce your feed costs by up to 75 percent - even after taking your fuel costs into account. data-pin-do=

Loafing Shed - but with a big sliding door. this could go out in the pastures as a shelter & storm shelter for when the weather comes up fast & theres no time to get to the main barn.