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The IT-crowd.......Hey, It's okay Moss, I'd be doing the exact same thing....Google it! Google it all!

The IT-crowd. One of my fav british sitcoms. And best gag reels ever!

[THE IT CROWD] Moss. One of my favorite lines

When people try to talk to me about last night's debate. (please note you MUST know "the IT crowd" to get this.meaning go watch the IT crowd on netflix, it will change your life!

it-crowd-keep-calm-copy.jpg (1600×864)

I made this and pinned this just for you Rindlisbacher! - IT Crowd Keep Calm

Long live Maurice Moss

IT Crowd Moss, made using handcut multilayer stencils and spraypainted onto canvas. The IT Crowd - Moss

Moss from The IT Crowd

tomtrager: “ “I like being weird. Weird’s all I’ve got. That and my sweet style.” The philosophy of the great Maurice Moss. AVAILABLE AS A TEE.

Roy and Moss.

Andrew Harrison: From superhero movies to techy sitcoms to captains of industry, geeks have been running the show for years. But now that 'geek chic' is in the dictionary, and Topshop is selling 'dork' T-shirts, what is the future for nerd culture?

I.T Crowd - Moss- I'm in my happy place!

T Crowd - Moss- I'm in my happy place!