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I think it should be made public knowledge in the news papers & made aware to the criminal's employer. This sort of act should prevent people from obtaining a job, it shows a deep emotional sickness and sadistic characteristics people capable of this level of cruelty are possible of harming humans as well. Our law makers need to look at these crimes for what they are, knowing & willing to cause severe emotional distress, physical abuse and mental anguish.

Saved: Two starved pups - BC SPCA issued a news release about the rescue of two emaciated puppies who had been tethered outdoors in freezing temperatures without food or water.

Kids Save Neighbor Dog from a Lifetime of Abuse

Chino Hills children heroes after videotaping neighbor's abuse of cocker spaniel

Justice For Sam! Dumped At a Virginia Rescue In a Severe State Of Neglect! | PetitionHub.org

Sam was dumped at a Virginia Rescue in a severe state of neglect. Weighting only 4 pounds he is in rough shape. He has several medica.

Please help educate to end animal cruelty, As a world we can do this. It just takes love.

I wish i could have all the poor and abused animals and everyone who does those things gets a life sentence in jail

Dogs Are People, Too - NYTimes.com--Posted to DESERT HEARTS Animal Compassion-- Phoenix, Arizona --- 10/6/2013 https://www.facebook.com/desertheartsphoenix

Dogs Are People, Too

By looking directly at their brains and bypassing the constraints of behaviorism, MRI’s can tell us about dogs’ internal states. As it turns out, dogs are people, too

How adorable are Kevin McHale and his adopted dog Spophie in this new PETA ad?!

Kevin McHale Always Roots for the Underdog

Another dog found with snout bound in electrical tape--$700 REWARD IS BEING OFFERED

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

Stray German shepherd at busy shelter with chemical burns on eyes: Help needed

Stray German shepherd at busy shelter with chemical burns on eyes: Help needed Screw abuse.

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Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

Needs rescue! >> Eli needs rescue from Clarkesville, Georgia shelter. This sweet senior guy has no teeth.