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Rice fields at Hase, Osaka, Japan Gorgeously captured!

Rice fields in summer

A farmer house amidst the rice fields, which are filled with clear water and are gently green with growing rice plant.

Matsudai, Niigata, Japan | by takai via flickr

Terraced rice fields in Matsudai, Niigata, Japan. I don't know if this is the prefecture where my mom's family lives or not, but it does remind of the rice fields I got to see there when I went as a little girl.

Terraced rice-fields in Niigata, Japan by dirench

Terraced rice-fields in Niigata, Japan. Remembering a meal of plain steamed Niigata rice in a bowl - among the best in the world

Niigata, Japan. This is so beautiful and inviting, peaceful

House in the woods in Niigata, Japan. Fairy tale places aren't just in Europe!