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Worry less about what others do for you and more about what you do for others.

Lewis Carroll quote: One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.

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Motivational quotes from the great writers which surely going to help you to become a good writer as you will get great inspiration by reading occasionally

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No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up. Never give up because I believe In you.

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If I could say anything to my crush the next time I saw him, it would be this. We shared an amazing kiss (we made out three times actually) and I'd love for that to happen again.

I would settle for being your secret sin if it meant we would be together sometimes.

Heh! I accepted everything, supported everything, was doing everything, thinking of her. She was plotting a life without me, and with someone else.

Hans F. Hansen - This strikes me as true as I often have to remind my rude coworkers that they are not the most important people in the room.

There is so much greatness still ahead of you. | "There will be many chapters in your life. Don't get lost in the one you're in now."

11 Motivational Quotes Prove It's NEVER Too Late To Change Your Life

"You create Beauty with; your Attitude, your Behavior, your Actions. It’s all up to you."

"You create beauty with your attitude, your behavior, your actions. it's all up to you." Beauty - Attitude - Behavior - Actions Quote Sayings

Amen.... At least getting lost in music and lyrics, helps you not have to deal with the BS dished out

I like being alone listening to music in my own world, away from all the bullshit in life. Sometimes, yes:) Hp Lyrikz Top quality quotes

A man needs a woman with vision

Totally need to find a woman with vision cuz I'm a dreamer :) Quotes for men, relationship, good woman. "A man with dreams needs a woman with vision.