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WEBSTA @ biboun_fossard_christophe - The Triton ➡️DICE FORGE is available around the world since yesterday!!! Boardgame edited by @libellud, game designed by Régis

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WEBSTA @ biboun_fossard_christophe - 🔱The Triton🔱 ➡️DICE FORGE is available around the world since yesterday! Boardgame edited by game designed by Régis


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Saturn (referred to by the Greeks as Cronus or Kronos) was the Roman Deity of Time and an ancient Italian Corn God known as the Sower. Male ruler of the Roman Gods prior to Jupiter, Saturn’s weapon was a scythe or sickle.    Since ancient history, time has been identified with Saturn. He was the son of Uranus (Heaven or Sky-Father) and Gaea (Earth-Mother) and the youngest of the Twelve Titans. Upon the advice of Gaea, Saturn castrated his father and thus separated Heaven from Earth.

Illustrations of Ancient Gods and Mythology - By Gonzalo Ordoñez) - What an ART

"One is called Ullr, son of Sif, step-son of Thor; he is so excellent a bowman, and so swift on snowshoes, that none may contend with him. He is also fair of aspect and has the accomplishments of a warrior; it is well to call on him in single-combats."

Uller,son of sif , step-son of thor. Uller was the Norse god of bowmanship, glory, and male beauty. He ruled Asgard for 10 years during Odin's absence.