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Stunning pic !!

Hey hon, do you think you could pick up something for my sore throat at the pharmacy?

Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivacea) is a medium-sized American songbird. Formerly placed in the tanager family (Thraupidae), it and other members of its genus are now classified in the cardinal family (Cardinalidae). The species' plumage and vocalizations are similar to other members of the cardinal family.

Dream Bird

Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivacea) The scarlet tanager is a medium sized American songbird. Adult males are bright red with black wings and tail; females are yellowish on the underpants and olive on top, with olive-brown wings and tail.

The Humor in Hitchcock

The Humor in Hitchcock

Last Tuesday I attended the Turner Classic Movies screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre, the happiest pl.

Spix's macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii)

of the current population lives in al wabra. Extinct in the wild.this story inspirated the movie "RIO"

Scarlet Tanager  Nest: Females build shallow saucer-shaped nests.    Song: Five phrases in a rapid pattern, similar to an American robin with a sore throat.   Habitat: Tends to stay high in treetops.   Diet: Insects in forests, parks and suburban residential areas.   Backyard Favorites: Orange halves, sugar water and grape jelly.

Scarlet Tanagers will be returning to the eastern half of the country soon. Look for these insect eaters in wooded areas, or at orange and jelly feeders in your own backyard. Get more info on this species at Birds & Blooms.

I wanted so badly to watch television with my ladies. I started a coughing fit and my sore throats has returned to me ( it just can't resist). I love you Bunny, I love you More Mami! I'll be back soon!

That looks like one cold birdie. We have that kind of storm today, Bitter out and so much snow.