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tracing fine motor practice

Learning Laboratory: Tracing

Playing with puzzles is fine motor skills activity that can easily be changed to suit all ages and skills.

Fine Motor Skills: Puzzles

An outline of fine motor skill weaknesses seen in poor hand-writers & puzzle activity to practise fine motor skills. How do you set the foundations for good handwriting?

Toothpick art to practice fine motor skills. Marshmallows or other objects could be used instead of grapes.

Promote Fine Motor Skills with 30 Materials & Activities

Fine motor-sensory strategy for decreasing pencil/crayon pressure and promoting correct grasp pattern--- Wrap a piece of aluminum foil around cardboard and use a golf tee (or even pen cap). Try games (ex. Tic-tac-toe), practicing the alphabet, or free drawing. If the child uses too much pressure the foil will tear. They will need to "retrain" their hands to use less pressure.

Fine motor-sensory strategy for decreasing pencil/crayon pressure and promoting…

hole punch art - kids art ideas from nurturestore.co.uk

A beautiful kids art idea: hole punch pictures - a great work out for fine motor skills too

Fine Motor Skill Building- Using the water dropper to practice controlling small amounts of material into a small space without making a mess on the table.

Water Dropper Fine Motor Practice Materials: Water (optional: color it with food coloring) Suction Bath Mat Sections (We got ours at the D.