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DaveKat and EriSol>>>> I don't ship DaveKat, but I do ship <3< Erisol and this is adorable

TA: come on. you read two much. CA: and you wwanna fuck too much <== yES this caption is just yes.

cute Erisol kismesis stuff

Aaaaaaaaaaaagggghhh.*slumps in chair while continuing this pained whale noise*

I feel exactly the same, Eridan. Sollux *is* too cute.

I'd say Davesprite<--- I say erisol<<<<<<<<in all honesty, i am jadesprite. i have so many things that if i could change i would have, and so many regrets. basicly karkat's mind is my life.

erisol family | Tumblr

Did you know that the main reason Hussie made those series of events is because he realised people weren't taking Eridan seriously, and Hussie created Eridan to be scary not some desperate loser. And don't forget unlike any of the trolls he had 2 quadrants filled at the same time making him the most romantically successful troll, so don't give me that forever alone shit. And wow I didn't notice due to the lack of white hair.