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NECKTIE NECKLACE  neckties (actually only one per necklace)   thread (metallic, embroidery, quilting or regular yarn...)   scissor, pins (not in the picture), a pointed needle big enough for the thread you are using   (wood) beads, preferably of different sizes   optional: jewelry clasp

Neck tie necklaces - Of Dreams and Seams: Quick Beauties - Perfect Gifts!

Idea for a school fundraiser . Use the proceeds to finance student activities or donate the proceeds to a community non-profit organization .

Recycled Men's Ties Made into Women's Jewelry | Tiny Sparkly Things

Belts-headbands-braclets-buttons-scarfs-necklaces-bow ties-pillowsaprons-purses-shirts-wallets-ETC- things made with Men's Neckties

Necktie necklace...gotta find something to do with all Dan's necktie cast-offs

Necktie Redo: {Necktie Necklace

necklace made with marbles? cray

Upcycled necktie necklace - this is just an image but probably not too hard to figure out how to make one.