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Final decision on You & I Fragrance

1 Direction Liam wearing a Western Sydney Wanderers jersey!

Share if you are proud of our boys!! :')

I'm so proud of them I'm always going to love them even though they are breaking up soon. they changed my life and I'm always going to be grateful

the fact that they’re all genuinely smiling>>

These boys did more than just make me smile, and they will never understand that, because I will forever be a fan one direction just girly things

can we please discuss this?<<------ yes. Discuss. <--- First, Harry always looks sexy, no matter what! Second, I love that face. Third, AHHGOECIWJWB IWOWI JENEIUQIDUXKDJXKSKJCJEOJC

We should really just talk about Harry's face.he's like Niall wut yur doin?

Anyone else love this picture???

I actually really adore this picture for some reason. because im a directioner :D . This was a really great photoshoot!

This is absolutely precious. He's such a little child ❤ bahaha Mr. Payne's face lol

Liam was on splash mountain . he's been to Disney World . I've been to Disney World so many times . I've been on Splash Mountain so many times . I've sat in the same place as him . first row left side . I've gone through the same air as him ❤ *dead*

Behind the scenes with One Direction. Why does it look like niall is wearing a leather jacket?!?!

One Direction Shows Us Their Style Onstage And Off

Behind the scenes with One Direction<<< I always find it funny how the photographer will do weird poses just to get a good picture.