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I'm gonna have an honest moment, here, and I need to not be judged. I need support....guys...I PRETTY MUCH FELL IN LOVE WITH JAMES T. KIRK WHEN I WAS 9.

'Tiberius', Cologne for Men. I'm gonna have to be honest, and Please don't Judge me, I was TOTALLY Crushing on James T. Kirk when I was like

Shatner and Nimoy <3 Friends Forever

Two of my favorite actors are William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. I began to be a serious STAR TREK fan in What I think is so wonderful is to know that .

Which Star Trek character are you? When it comes to visiting the final frontier, you want to go there with the original pioneers. Take our 'Star Trek' personality quiz and find out which original series character best suits your style.

I took Zimbio's 'Star Trek' personality quiz, and I'm Captain Kirk. Who are you?

I took Zimbio's 'Star Trek' personality quiz, and I'm Captain Kirk. (This one surprised me, especially when I chose the red uniform.

Star Trek, Leonard Mccoy Bones, Uhura, Scotty, Chekov, Sulu, Jim Kirk, Spock.  Tumbrl, AU, Spirk

I'm thinking more along the lines of a 23 century Odd Couple. Kirk as Oscar the slob and Spock as Felix the adult responsible one.

A Sneak Peak of What Black Friday Will Look Like This Year (23pics+1gif) - Seriously, For Real?

Florence, AL Walmart, Black Friday Officers forced to use a stun gun on an unruly shopper.

Black Friday Funny!!

Funny Thanksgiving Ecard: No, I'm not fighting the crowds this 'Black Friday', I'm staying home and protecting the wine and leftover turkey.