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I love it!  What a great reminder about life.

Do more than belong: participate Do more than care: help Do more than believe: practice Do more than be fair: be kind Do more than forgive: forget Do more than dream: work William Arthur Ward quote


I know this sooo totally not nice. ( forgive me Mom) but this is sooo funny and it just reminded that I have people in my life who say these random things that may not be okay to say.but gosh they are funny!

Just you wait...

I'm taking care of my procrastination issues. Just you wait and see.

Someone tagged this on Pinterest as "this would make a cool tattoo".  I guess this is how misspelled tattoos get their start.

♥ Cry as much as you want to. but just make sure when you're finished, you never cry for the same reason again. ♥ ~Wiz Khalifa (BUT this doesn't apply if you're crying from pain, 'cause that's kind of uncontrollable at most times.

yeeepp. people lie

I say this all the time. Don't be nice expecting something from in in return. Be nice because saying something nice to a person may be the only good thing they've experienced all day. A smile is a priceless gift to give.