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Little Seamstress- Jessie Wilcox Smith

Busy Bee Girl Sewing Doll Clothes By Jessie Willcox Smith Counted Cross Stitch Chart


LIttle Seamstress by Jessie Willcox Smith (also known as How Doth the Busy Bee) - This cross stitch chart was developed from an illustration done by the well-known illustrator Jessie Willcox Smith for “A Child’s Book of Old Verses” published in

I must have much in common with this woman! So many captions come to mind! "Mahafaly woman carrying sewing machine, Southern Madagascar"

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Mahafaly woman carrying sewing machine, Southern Madagascar - I will (try to ) never complain about not having a proper sewing room.and count my blessings.

My Painting Room: Jesse Wilcox Smith illustrations

I found this delightful picture on a card, it is by my favourite artist Jessie Willcox Smith. Entitled "Teatime for kitty". It was used on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine, March Copyright The British Library board.

"Good Housekeeping 2" - Children in Art History

Jessie Willcox Smith (1863 – 1935, American)

"The Good Life," by Jessie Willcox Smith, November 1921 Good Housekeeping cover- it looks like my girls