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Some Old Victoria Postage Stamps

Set of four 6.D Australia Postage Stamp.

Come check out some old Australia Postage stamps and share this video with other stamp collectors.

1848-1948 Texas 3c Old U.S. 1948-1949 Postage Stamp.

This video covers the years of 1948 and 1949 in old postal stamps.

3c Washington, 1732-1932 Washington U.S. Postage Stamp

Philatelist of old U. postage stamps will enjoy this video as well as all stamp collectors around the world.

10 Postes Vintage Canadian Postage Stamp.

Nice Old Canadian Postage Stamps

Visiting New Zealand Postage Stamps

2 Lei, 6 Lei Great Old Romania Postage Stamp.

That stamps has got to be a very rare stamp for philatelist to check out.

Postage Stamps, Seal

1798-1948 2 1/2P Old Eire Postage Stamp.

2 Old Eire Postage Stamp.

Check out these very nice and valuable India Postage Stamps.