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Homelessness seems to be a never-ending problem. For Lee Jeffries, that means his photo project will never end. He photographs homeless people to show the humanity that they possess. However, Jeffries’ intentions were not so benign when he first started taking pictures. However, it all changed at one point.

Avec sa série Lost Angels, le photographe américain Lee Jeffries a souhaité rendre hommage aux sans-abris, afin d'offrir un visage à ces personnes trop fa

Striking Portraits Of Homeless People by Lee Jeffries

The Afghan Girl - Steve McCurry. I still remember seeing this picture on the cover of Nat'l Geo or Time Life (can't remember which) when I was young. It left a great impression upon me...

Breathtaking Fairytale-Like Portraits by Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova Katerina Plotnikova is a fine art photographer from Russia who explains her work as “another tale about wonderland.” Her images are simple, yet stunning. Welcome to the magical land of Katerina. Her photography conjures up dreams of s

Andrew C. Kovalev is a Russian photographer specializing in environmental and editiorial portraiture. He is currently based in Paris. This work is from is a personal portrait series of patrons to A.Picolo, a small Parisian cafe located at the border of Marche aux Puces de Sant-Ouen, one of the

Les sans-abris ont un visage : prenez le temps de les regarder droit dans les yeux

Pour nous sensibiliser à la situation des sans-abris, un artiste nous propose une série de portraits en noir et blanc saisissante et poignante, mettant en valeur le visage et le regard lourds mais parfois étonnamment pétillants de ces personnes. SooCurious vous fa...