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Capture the Paris Wow with Cynthia Morris Liberate your artist in Paris with us! May 12th – 17th and/or: September 8th – 13th 2016 You love to create – to enjoy pen, paint, yarn, glue…whatever…it’s total play for you. Making things feels like gaining direct access to your unique vitality. Whether you create for pay …

A small coffee with a dash of milk or foam is a cafe noisette. I like to order noisettes because, well, they're usually the cheapest thing on the menu and a nice caffeine zip. #libertymarket, gilbert

Jardin du Luxembourg

Another perfect Paris spot to relax, people watch, read, picnic, make out...Luxembourg Gardens - Paris

One of my favorite viennoiserie, or afternoon fancy pants pastry - croissant amandes! choco

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Be sure to go to the BACK of Notre Dame. There is a little park with trees and shade and benches, and it's relatively quiet compared the façade. A great escape from the crowds.

La Caféothèque de Paris

Delicious cafe and roastery right near the Seine.

Viaduc des Arts

A lovely stroll along an artisan strip. Get to the end, climb the stairs, and walk back along the garden top. Splendid strolling all around.