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Bear Macaroons by kawaiisweetworld. http://youtu.be/pbfaIwVo3ik

These Valentine's Day bear macarons are just as cute as they are delicious, and hopefully you'll see that macarons aren't so hard to make after all!

Kawaiisweetworld's Easy Ice Cream Cake I DIY

Kawaiisweetworld's Easy Ice Cream Cake I DIY

Kawaiisweetworld shows you how to make a S'mores ice cream cake in just a few easy steps! Get all the delicious details right here.

Brush Design | HighRidge Church Kids Wing

Firecracker Cake Bites - use a white cake mix to make 3 cakes with different colors and then cut your pattern and fill with poprocks! <<< neat of July idea

mini flower cookies

DIY Cupcake Holders

Delicious cookies inspired by a Treat Mother's Day card crafted by - tell love and chocolate( Eriksson Walk)


40+ Penguin Crafts & Activities for Kids

These delicious Penguin Cookies are the perfect treat for your next holiday party or get-together. Made with Town House Crackers and few other goodies, this cookie recipe will be loved by everyone in the family!

Coconut Macaroon Nests - spring Easter dessert recipes

Coconut Macaroon Nests

Looking for the perfect Easter treat? Check out this easy macaroon nest recipe with only 6 ingredients!

Holiday Chick Sugar Cookies  These delicious cookies come fresh by the dozen or 2 dozen.   Even though these cookies are packed well, on occasion, a cookie may be broken in transit however, because we cannot control how packages are handled in transit, we cannot guarantee cookies against breakage. There will be no refunds, because these are edible items. https://www.etsy.com/listing/476575274/holiday-chick-sugar-cookies?ref=shop_home_feat_1

These Easter chick cookies are a simple and delicious recipe for Easter, and can be made last minute with ingredients that you probably already.

The BEST recipe I've ever found for Sugar Cookie Cut-outs! This easy method makes the most moist, tender, delicious cookies that you can decorate however you like!

Perfect Sugar Cookie Cut-outs

The BEST recipe I've ever found for Sugar Cookie Cut-outs! This recipe makes the PERFECT Sugar Cookie Cut-outs, The cookies turn out so tender and delicious using this easy method.

How to Make Pokemon X and Y Macarons

Today we are making these Pokeball macarons to celebrate the release of Pokemon X and Y on October For a challenge, try to make other typ.