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Summer night. Nightingale makes out the soundtrack.

Black North Swedish Draft Horse - first of all, this is an awe-inspiring animal, but secondly... Totally Snape's animagus.

pannekaken (Norweigian pancakes)--my grandma Minneka always made these when we would visit! <<<In Slovakia we call them PALACINKY - every kids dream food lol Yummm!!

Cute Places to Stay in Sweden!

Where to stay if you're planning a trip to Sweden! Here's a review of the cutest B&Bs! #travel #sweden #welcometosweden

I CAN NOT HANDLE THIS FREAKING FANDOM ANYMORE<<THIS FANDOM IS POSSESED<<what are you guys talking about its just Sweden<<< I remember the Pewdiepie fwp where he got Swedish Fish in his fanmail XD<=======OMG yes

I sometimes think in czech and sometimes in english. And i have a liitle problem with mixing two or three languages together.

DIY Fishbowl Valentine Printable

DIY Fishbowl Valentine Printable - Cute homemade Valentine's Day idea for kids to make for school. Plus FREE printables to make your own at home! So cute!

IKEA’s Swedish Meatball Recipe (Knock-Off)…..Delicious

$21 - Freezer Friendly - $10.50/meal IKEA meatballs recipes are actually what the Swedes call Svenska Kottbullar, and they are perfect for potluck dinner recipes. Because these copycat recipes make excellent party snacks.