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GROWING UP GLOBAL--WHAT A TCK'S LIFE IS LIKE edited by Cindy Loong: a collection of stories by Asian Third Culture Kids - many of them the sons & daughters of missionaries. [Pin by Heidi Tunberg, TCK Care, ReachGlobal]

An Expat from ‘Nowhere’: For This ‘Third Culture Kid,’ Home isn’t a Simple Concept

SEATTLE--When people meet me, no matter where I am in the world, they seem wowed by my international background.

Climat : risques du réchauffement climatique

Quotes for Third Culture Kids

"I am all the places in which I've left my heart." - Marina Sofia #travelwords #travelquote

Third Culture Kids (TCK)— Self Identity Accordion Books by Jessica Y. Wen, via Behance

Want to get to know a TCK but don't know how to start the conversation? Mission organization WORLDVENTURE gives 20 questions, suggested by TCKs themselves, that would open up the conversation rather than shutting it down. A valuable list if you want to get to know a missionary kid or, with a couple of MK-specific exceptions, any kind of TCK. [Pin by Heidi Tunberg, TCK Care, ReachGlobal]

31 Signs You're A Third Culture Kid

According to sociologist David C. Pollock: 31 signs you are a "Third Culture Kid" This is for both my sister & Hubbie (bc all 3 of us are TCK's) - click link to see how many "signs" we all share ™

The first installment of a three-part series about Third Culture Kids, specifically MKs (Missionaries' Kids). 1. An Introduction to MKs.