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Boots, boots, boots❤

I enjoy long romantic walks down the boot aisle, tack, horse aisle, gun aisle, hat aisle.

Softball / baseball

So True! :) Take a look at this Black & White 'Didn't Play' Plaque by Collins on today!


My best friends are the extra sisters I picked out myself Picture Quote …

Getting dirty is the fun part!!

It bugs me about city girls I would love to take one out in the woods for a day and show em how country folks live then laugh at them complaining and being grossed out.

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I play for the name on the front of my jersey and make sure they remember the name on the back.im gonna miss playing because now Brison is old enough to play so im putting my jersey away to let him start his :) im such a proud mommy!

Dolly's"Fightin Words!"

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Haha sucks that there's a spelling error but it's so true

College is cool because if you relax for 5 seconds, than all of a sudden you're failing 11 classes, even though you're only taking - chryssa-humor

I'm a keeper.

If she would rather go fishin' or huntin' instead of shoppin'.She's a keeper. I would much rather go hunting or fishing

So true✊

City slicker think just cause they have a pair of boots n worn jeans makes em country. Its all about how ya was brought up n raised