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art-of-swords: “ “Heroic Style” Silver Mounted Dagger

Joyeuse (pronounced zhwa-OOS, in French), was the name of Charlemagne's personal sword. The name translates as "joyful".

Coronation Sword of the French Monarchy: (Pictured:Joyeuse, the sword of Charlemagne. Coronation sword of the French kings. It is believed it contains the Lance of Longinus within its pommel.

French Ceremonial Dagger  •Dated: circa 1860’s – 1870’s

French Ceremonial Dagger •Dated: circa 1860’s – 1870’s


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14th century Europe., Sword  belonging to Francisco Pizarro ,

Sword belonging to Francisco Pizarro the infamous conquistador who destroyed the Inca empire.

This early sword is one of the few to retain fragments of its original grip bindings, here consisting of red and green silk. The stiff acutely pointed blade is designed to pierce the gaps between the plates of an opponent's armor

Sword Date: ca. Culture: Possibly Italian Medium: Steel, gilt bronze, wood, textile Dimensions: weight: 2 lbs.

A fine gilded rapier, dating: circa 1600  provenance: France

A fine silver gilded rapier sword, dating:middle ages 1600 provenance: France