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Female White Faced Saki Monkey

Tried some different subjects today the minature monkeys they are in a dark enclosure behind glass so havent managed any pics of them before Had a.

Graffiti stairs. i love graffiti its such an urban art  Una escalera al cielo. . .  a stairway to heaven

Amazing Non-Photoshopped Images Stairway to Nowhere This Toronto Subway street art is an impressive illusion of a staircase. The City of Toronto has a program which aims to develop and promote street art throughout the city.

The spring sunshine, like this alpaca, is a little spotty today. How are things in YOUR neck (tee hee) of the woods?

THIS is where alpaca yarn comes from! Looks like he/she just had a haircut. I absolutely love to knit with alpaca! I've was told by Alpaca owners that the head isn't sheared, so they look funny after being sheared.

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peek-a-boo wolf animals, lions, lion, cub, baby animals Amazing Albino Animals Pictures wild animals wa.


Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys (I would have named them Golden Blue-Faced Monkeys but I'm not allowed to name monkeys).

how beautiful.   Precious little thing ?..

Baboon baby: Just sittin' here with my rock.// his pet rock

Baby elephant

Video posted as a reason to Urge CITES & the 180 Member Parties to vote wisely in

James Mollison's "James & Other Apes" series.

Primate portraits invite you to see apes as individuals

Primate Portraits “ Much like us, our hairier cousins have their own distinct facial features, unique combinations of jawlines, eye shapes, and nasal widths that make them recognizable on sight.