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Another disgusting act of Human Unkindness.  Please reconsider what you eat, why you eat it and where you get it from!  Please.

Always on my mind in this extreme cold. Imagine your feet freezing fast in your own urine or freezing to the side of the trailer all while hungry, thirsty, and scared.

Animals Raised to Produce Milk

Usually just within hours of birth, calves are taken away from their mothers. Calves can become so distressed from separation that they become sick, lose weight from not eating, and cry so much that their throats become raw.

Organic farms supporting factory animal farms?

Is it feeding time?

woman with turkey

SPEAK UP: Live Turkeys Hurled from Airplane - Tell this town to drop its disgusting "turkey drop"

Scores Are Killed by Suicide Bomb Attack at Historic Church in Pakistan - NYTimes.com

Scores Are Killed by Suicide Bomb Attack at Historic Church in Pakistan

Price of pork. Don't eat it.

Price of pork.


Drunken Cows - Whimsical Fine Art by Roz

Urge AirBridgeCargo to stop shipping monkeys from China to the U.S. to be tortured in laboratories.

Tell AirBridgeCargo Airlines to Adopt a Ban on Transporting Monkeys for Experimentation!

The Syrian Crisis Is Rapidly Becoming The World’s Crisis

Almost 2 million have fled Syria in the past 2 years, and another 4 million have been displaced within Syria: of Syrians have been driven from their homes.

This is Fiete, the ox. He was rescued from slaughter and lives on a sanctuary in Germany - In this little YouTube Video you can see, how he enjoyed it to be pet from Anna - so cute <3 Every animal must be treated like this! <3

No such thing as happy cows? See why possibly the world's happiest cow puts one vegan activist to shame. Please make the connection and go VEGAN ♡