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Imagine thinking that being friendzoned is worse than finding out someone you thought valued you as a whole person just wanted to fuck you.

Stop belittling women's passions because they're traditionally feminine

Makeup is art, cheer is a sport, motherong can be a full time job. Stop belittleing women's passions because they are traditionally feminine

It's actually stupid though. Why shouldn't a women do what a man does? Especially since women could possibly do it better, yet they would rather have an unqualified man simply because of his gender.

This is why I'm a feminist. I'm not going to be serving anyone. I'm going to change the world, be a leader, and help people. Not sit around and wait for someone else to be the hero while I sit in the role women are expected to be in, a role of servitude.

Amazing how much misogyny exists in normal everyday acts.  I have said this to my daughter and granddaughters, not realizing how limiting those phrases are.

Amazing how much misogyny exists in normal everyday acts. Masculinity comes with freedom, femininity comes with restrictions.

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"I'm going to scream about the importance of feminism to the world until my voice becomes hoarse enough to be mistaken for a man's and people actually start to listen to me.

Wow I did not know this! Is this true? My text book last year did NOT mention this at all, it just said women could vote, not white women could vote.

Intersectional feminism is so important for this very reason. You might be the most privileged person and see no need for feminism in modern society. But take into consideration all those that aren't as privileged as you, because you're likely not lookin

I never understood why a lot of women get called hoes and tricks for working at a strip club, but it's nothing if a man is watching them...

Pinner: Reminds me of a similar quote: if you masturbate to lesbian porn, you are forever banned from denying equal rights to lesbians or any other member of the LGBT community.

Violence against women & feminism

I literally hate people who think that feminism is outdated and we no longer need it in society

#sexism #misogyny

Male as the default. Now substitute black writers (professor accused of bias?) and white writers (happens all the time). White is the default.~~~I'm about to fight someone