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FNaF Springtrap

FNaF Springtrap

Aw so xute that'd be me as a little girl and foxy << How are you sure that's you as a little girl

That would fucking be me, I love thr Old Pirate Fox more than any of the others. <<<< I love foxy it would totally be me he's my favorite

FNaF Springtrap

FNaF Springtrap

✨{Protector (Spoilers maybe) by YugiSR on DeviantArt!}✨

✨{Protector (Spoilers maybe) by YugiSR on DeviantArt!}✨ This made my heart hurt :(

[Comic] I was never Welcome. by BelovedMeimei.deviantart.com.  The lore of five nights at Freddy's has always been more interesting to me than the games and I love when people spend so much time and effort on comics like this, so kudos to BelovedMeimei.

So sad *hugs Foxy* Happy birthday *give him a present of a new hook and eye patch*-- *puts tent in pirate cove to spend the nights with foxy* man foxy is my favorite!

When you click on the lights and Chica or Bonnie is right there...

This is me playing five nights at Freddy's. And checking the doors.