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American Dogwood for front garden.

Fall Garden Cercis 'Forest Pansy' can Red Rocket Crape Myrtle The Fastest Growing Crape Myrtle - -Beds and Bathrooms and House dogwood. They will be in my backyard. A lot. Just like in Anne of green gables :)

OnlinePlantCenter 5 gal. 4 ft. Cherokee Princess White Dogwood Tree-C4170G5 - The Home Depot

The flowering dogwood tree is one of spring's glory. Buy flowering dogwoods here in our online nursery.

When looking for an attractive specimen tree for their landscaping design, many homeowners go no further when they come upon the Kousa dogwood. Read here to get tips for growing Kousa dogwood trees.

Planting Dogwood Kousa Tree – How To Take Care Of Kousa Dogwoods

Kousa Dogwood/Japanese Dogwood Cornus kousa Year-round beautyUnique late-blooming white flowersPurple and scarlet fall leavesNaturally deer-resistant tree: seldom severely damagedGrows to with spreadZones 5 to ship to: AK, AZ, HI

Dogwood is referred to as a ‘whipple-tree’ in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. ‘Dogwood winter’ refers to a cold snap in spring. It has an easy-going energy  is an excellent ‘helper’ wood.  Associated with certain healing and medicinal properties.  Thought to help sooth nerves, assist with anxiety, insomnia  cramps.  In England, a wash used to be made from the bark to help heal mangy dogs. In Chinese medicine it is said that Dogwood helps preserve life-energy. Steadfast, well-grounded  reliable.

White Flowering Dogwood - official tree of NC and so beautiful: A profusion of full white blooms every spring. Deep green leaves turn scarlet in fall, making your dogwood a beautiful sight in all seasons.

Dogwood tree, a cross and the blood of Christ on the flower. I was told this as a child.

Dogwood tree, a cross and the blood of Christ on the flower. After the crucifixion the dogwood tree changed from a strong sturdy tree like the oak into the scrawny twisted tree of today.that way it would never be used for crucifixion again.